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Arm Sleeves

Item # W-NRTNT60

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Normatec Arm Sleeves Provide Gap-Less Compression for Fast Muscle Recovery

The NormaTec Arm Sleeves feature innovative overlapping compression zones that cover the entire arm, leaving no space untouched. Using Sequential Pulse Technology, these sleeves use dynamic compression therapy to imitate natural muscle pumps which moves fluid and metabolites out of the limbs faster than static compression. Gradient hold pressures begin at the bottom of the limb and work their way up, keeping the fluids from being forced back down and giving adequate rest times without any significant pauses to each segment of the limb. Made out of lightweight but durable nylon, these sleeves are easy to clean. Simply wipe with a damp cloth, and you're finished. Each compression arm sleeve option features a single integrated tube that is easy to use. The Arm Sleeves are compatible with all NormaTec Recovery Systems.

Arm Sleeves Features

  • Only a single integrated tube for any option.
  • Made from lightweight, durable, easy to clean nylon.
  • Compatible with all NormaTec Recovery Systems.